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Who we are

Ingrain are experts in Sales Performance Engineering in partnership with Miller Heiman Group.

Sales Excellence isn’t born, It isn’t a personality type, it doesn’t happen by accident and ‘luck’ isn’t scalable. 

Consistent, repeated, scalable, world class sales performance demonstrated by the most successful organisations is the result of a combination of mind-set, people, process and methodology supported by systems and enabled by tools. This is underpinned by a set of competencies and skills that can be documented, learned and measured. 

When you engage with us we help you to understand your current state, then define and engender both the permanent behavioural change and the cultural adoption of proven, winning sales methodology necessary to achieve growth in the most efficient way possible with the most lasting impact. It balances that most valuable of sales resources – time, with appropriate, relevant and measurable activity that accelerates sales success and can immediately be incorporated into your sales DNA.

This is a blueprint that will empower client facing staff at every level to execute with consistency such that positive customer perception of the value you deliver to their business is maximised at the highest levels. This framework fosters commitment and urgency in action from clients, stimulates effective communication and accelerates deal velocity. This reduces sales cycle times especially where there are many client side stakeholders and the decision making process is complex.

What our clients say

Ingrain's approach is structured, interactive, engaging and efficient. I have seen the difference they have brought to our global sales organisation. I highly reccommend

Andrew Kozlowski
Sales Operating Officer, NAO

When you bring in an external sales performance organisation into an established and successful sales team, you better be sure that they deliver. That is why we choose to use Ingrain. I have no doubt we are significantly stronger as a result.

Alan Ryan
Vice President Global Sales

Ingrain staff have an infectious enthusiasm for innovation that engages with customer stakeholders in a way that breeds new ideas and with their enthusiasm they come to life. They posess the ability to see past a problem, challenge ‘the norm’, and by doing so it allows them to interact with customers in a way that few others can. I have no hesitation in recommending.

Kevin Young
International Service/Operations

Ingrain has a comprehensive understanding of customer engagement and adopting a consultative and differentiating approach. They is well versed in creating true business value for any client, and establishing an equitable return for both parties. 

Paul Langsbury
Client Partner