The UK is facing a massive digital skills deficit. Demand for digitally skilled professionals will only continue to accelerate and, according to recent research from the Open University, this shortage of digitally skilled workers is costing UK businesses as much as £2.2 billion a year.

As we approach 2019, it is clear that the increasing demand for IT skills is outpacing the growth of the available talent pool. Technologies such as Cloud, Big Data, The Internet of Things (IoT), AI and robotics are disrupting businesses faster than employers can find the talent to manage them. There is a second issue – these technologies are evolving at such a fast pace that the skills needed to manage them are becoming quickly outdated.

Government estimates that in the next 20 years digital skills will be a fundamental requirement for 90% of jobs, and, as the multitude of different talents required continues to grow, the technical skills that young people are learning at school and university now may not be relevant by the time they enter the working world.

Taking a specific example it is projected that by 2021, there will be over three million unfilled cyber security vacancies worldwide. 

Businesses like yours are constantly challenged to both keep up with disruptive new technologies as these disruptors emerge, and that there are fewer specialist skills available in the market than you currently need to onboard to manage this.

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