What We Do

In the simplest terms we help the best get better.

We were already good in our opinion. But, working with Ingrain we have taken our win rate on forecast deals from 40% to over 70% in less than a year – this has translated to an additional £1.2bn in additional TCV, attributed, by our salespeople, directly to the use of this methodology.

Global Cloud Services Organisation.

Or, we’re helping companies that face “sales challenges” design, implement and embed the proven best practices that will restore performance.

2017 wasn’t our best year – we’d lost market share, were losing deals that in our belief we should have been winning, and suffered the loss of two of our most significant clients – one to bankruptcy and one to a competitior.

Ingrain defused the emotion, reduced the “panic” and helped us put in place a programme of transformative change to re-energise our sales performance.

I’m happy to say we’re now above plan, the team is engaged and confidence is restored. 

European Manufacturer.